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This column is meant to gather as well as to inform all those (musicians, music lovers or anyone linked to music) who are willing to pay tribute to the french composer Jean Françaix, as we are going to celebrate his birthday centenary. With their agreement, we would like to list the names of those who will join this event, whoever and whatever they are, musicians, ensembles, or orchestras willing to be involved in this program by including one or several pieces of the composer's works in their performances and concerts. So, everybody may be able to know the working out of this celebration.

As we can see, this topical page is going to be mostly built up by different actors of the musical scene. That is the reason why we urge them to let us know their own proposals or suggsetions by using the "contact" link that is to be found at the bottom of every page of this site. 

This site offers some musical extracts and videos which will contribute to a better and deeper acquaintance with Jean Françaix' works and personality. The "concert" rubrique of the site, which proposes just a little part of his works, shows that his music is played all over the world. And this allows us to believe that many of you will join those who are already involved.

Jacques Françaix, the composer's son.